Ecosia launches a cross-platform browser, starts an affiliate link program

Ecosia launches a cross-platform browser, starts an affiliate link program



Ecosia, the tree planting search engine, has introduced a new cross-platform browser to expand its online presence. This browser, compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android, is constructed using Chromium as its foundation. Consequently, it shares many similarities with Chrome in terms of features. Ecosia views this similarity as advantageous, as it allows users to transition seamlessly to the new browser without disrupting their browsing habits. However, users have the option to customize their landing page and remove sections, such as top sites or climate impact, that do not align with their preferences.


Michael Metcalf, Ecosia’s chief product officer, explained that the company developed a browser as part of its strategy to expand its sustainable presence. “The main reason we are building a browser is because we want to go where our users are and start to expand the footprint of where they can be sustainable,” Metcalf stated. Currently, Ecosia primarily focuses on search, but with the introduction of the browser, it aims to enhance the overall browsing experience for its users.


With the launch of the new browser, Ecosia is also introducing an affiliate shopping program. Users will notice links to shopping sites like Amazon, eBay, and Decathlon under the sponsored links section. The revenue generated through these affiliate links will be allocated towards tree planting initiatives and other green projects. Ecosia has committed to generating 25Wh of clean energy per user each day they browse, further aligning with its sustainability goals.


Metcalf emphasized that while Ecosia promotes reduced consumption, it recognizes the frequency of online shopping among users. Through the affiliate program, the company sees an opportunity to give back to the environment. Looking ahead, Ecosia aims to enhance the affiliate shopping interface, integrate its AI chatbot, and offer more customization options within the browser.



Ecosia launches a cross-platform browser, starts an affiliate link program

Image credit – Ecosia

Initially, Ecosia plans to target its current user base of 20 million users and appeal to casual green users through targeted marketing efforts. The company expressed satisfaction with the retention rate observed during early beta testing. However, it lacks data on whether the adoption of its browser has influenced the volume of Ecosia searches conducted by users.


In addition to its browser launch, Ecosia implemented structural changes to its search engine last year. After relying solely on Bing as its search provider for years, the company began experimenting with Google search in select markets. Ecosia utilizes System1 to syndicate search results from Microsoft Bing, Start page, and in various geographical regions.


Earlier this year, Ecosia celebrated a significant milestone by planting over 200 million trees across 95,000 locations worldwide, further solidifying its commitment to environmental conservation.

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