Midi is building a digital platform for an oft-overlooked area of women’s health

Midi is building a digital platform for an oft-overlooked area of women’s health


Joanna Strober found herself in a challenging predicament around the age of 47 when she began experiencing disrupted sleep—an often-overlooked symptom of perimenopause. Despite its commonality, obtaining a proper diagnosis and treatment proved to be an arduous journey for her. This ordeal, including multiple consultations and out-of-pocket expenses, prompted her to recognize the pervasive lack of awareness and resources for women navigating perimenopause and menopause.


Reflecting on her experience, Strober shared on a recent episode of TechCrunch’s Found podcast how she was struck by the realization that countless women were enduring similar struggles without adequate support. This epiphany ignited her determination to address the gap in care by founding Midi Health—a telehealth platform tailored to cater to the unique needs of women in midlife, connecting them with providers specialized in managing perimenopause and menopause symptoms.


However, Strober’s vision for Midi was initially hindered by regulatory constraints. It wasn’t until the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent regulatory changes that facilitated the widespread adoption of telehealth that Strober saw an opportunity to bring her vision to life. Leveraging the newfound flexibility in healthcare delivery, Midi Health emerged as a groundbreaking solution, delivering accessible care to women through telemedicine.


Unlike conventional digital health platforms focused on expedient one-off consultations, Midi prioritizes fostering enduring relationships between women and their healthcare providers. Strober believes in creating a supportive environment where women feel truly understood and cared for—a departure from the transactional nature of many contemporaneous telehealth services.


This distinctive approach has set Midi apart in the post-pandemic healthcare landscape and resonated with investors, enabling the company to secure substantial funding. In its latest funding round—a $60 million Series B led by Emerson Collective—Midi garnered support from prominent investors such as Google Ventures, SteelSky Ventures, and Muse Capital, propelling its total funding to $99 million. As Midi continues to evolve, Strober remains steadfast in her commitment to revolutionizing women’s healthcare and empowering women to navigate midlife with confidence and support.


In 2023, digital health startups globally secured $13.2 billion in funding, a significant decline of 48% from the previous year’s $25.5 billion, as reported by CB Insights. This downturn also reflects a substantial 75% decrease from the record-high $52.7 billion invested in 2021.



Midi is building a digital platform for an oft-overlooked area of women’s health



Joanna Strober, founder of Midi Health, attributes this downturn partly to a lack of emphasis on cultivating enduring relationships with customers among telehealth companies. She emphasizes Midi’s commitment to establishing itself as a trusted healthcare brand, dedicated to delivering expert care tailored to women’s needs, thereby fostering long-term engagement.

Strober’s prior experience founding Kurbo Health, a pioneering startup addressing childhood obesity, greatly informed her approach to building Midi. Similarly, her background as a venture capitalist has provided valuable insights into business strategy and growth.


With the latest infusion of funding, Midi is poised to expand its offerings to encompass various aspects of perimenopause and menopause care, including sexual wellness, hair and skin care, and access to testosterone. Strober emphasizes that perimenopause and menopause represent a significant market segment with diverse health needs, and Midi is committed to comprehensively addressing these concerns.

Despite inquiries regarding the duration of perimenopause and menopause, Strober underscores the ongoing relevance of this life stage, emphasizing the importance of understanding and meeting the evolving health needs of women during this period. Through diligent research and tailored solutions, Midi aims to empower women to navigate perimenopause and menopause with confidence and support.


Midi is pioneering a digital platform aimed at addressing a crucial yet often neglected aspect of women’s health. In a landscape where certain health concerns faced by women are frequently sidelined, Midi is stepping up to bridge the gap. With their innovative approach, they are striving to provide comprehensive support and solutions tailored specifically to the needs of women.

At the heart of Midi’s mission is a commitment to empower women by offering accessible and personalized resources for managing their health. By leveraging digital technologies, they aim to break down barriers to care and ensure that women have the tools they need to make informed decisions about their well-being.


Through their platform, Midi is not only offering vital information and guidance but also fostering a sense of community and solidarity among women. Recognizing the importance of support networks in navigating health challenges, they are creating a space where women can connect, share experiences, and find strength in solidarity.

Midi’s dedication to women’s health extends beyond just addressing physical concerns. They understand the interconnectedness of physical, mental, and emotional well-being and are committed to offering holistic support across all dimensions of health. From reproductive health to mental wellness, Midi’s platform is designed to encompass the full spectrum of women’s health needs.


In a landscape where women’s health issues are often stigmatized or overlooked, Midi is championing a much-needed shift towards greater inclusivity and awareness. By shining a spotlight on these vital issues and offering innovative solutions, they are paving the way for a healthier and more empowered future for women everywhere.

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