Pinterest says its AI-powered collages are now more engaging than Pins

Pinterest says its AI-powered collages are now more engaging than Pins



During the summer of 2022, Pinterest quietly rolled out Shuffles, a new iOS app enabling users to craft collages using photos and image cutouts sourced from its platform. Initially popular among Gen Z, the app’s functionality was later integrated into Pinterest itself. Today, Pinterest reports that its AI and computer vision-powered collage feature is driving three times the engagement of traditional Pins.


This innovative format empowers users to curate content from the web and Pinterest, supplemented by images captured via their phone’s camera, facilitating self-expression of style, interests, and tastes. Initially, users created mood boards or themed collages, sharing them on platforms like TikTok, often accompanied by music.


Presently, Pinterest users are diversifying their collage creations, from style inspiration such as home décor and outfit ideas to compilations of favorite products like skincare or makeup items, many of which are directly shoppable on the platform. This shift reflects a broader trend toward digital expression and consumer curation reminiscent of traditional women’s fashion magazine aesthetics.


Pinterest says its AI-powered collages are now more engaging than Pins

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During its Q1 2024 earnings call, Pinterest revealed the surging popularity of its collage feature, signaling promising growth prospects.

CEO Bill Ready highlighted that users are approximately three times more inclined to save collage Pins compared to other Pins on the platform, with a significant portion featuring clickable products. Notably, nearly 70% of collage creators are from Gen Z, underlining the feature’s resonance with this demographic.


The effectiveness of collages lies in their AI and computer vision-driven design, enabling users to identify and “cut out” objects from photos for curated groups. This human-led curation not only enhances user engagement but also provides valuable data to fuel Pinterest’s AI algorithms, distinguishing it in the competitive AI landscape.

Ready emphasized the significance of this AI-powered feature, citing its ability to generate granular signals for AI training, positioning Pinterest as a frontrunner in the AI race.


Bolstered by increased Gen Z usage and a resurgence in brand ad spend, Pinterest exceeded expectations in Q1 2024, achieving its fastest revenue growth since 2021. The company reported revenue of $740 million, up 23% year-over-year, with adjusted EPS of 20 cents, surpassing analysts’ projections.

Pinterest’s strategic focus on catering to its growing Gen Z user base reflects a unique trend in consumer internet applications, with Ready noting the platform’s remarkable shift towards a younger demographic.


Pinterest’s Q1 2024 earnings call and the significant growth of its collage feature, powered by AI and computer vision technology. Here’s a breakdown of the key points:

1. Collage Feature Growth: Pinterest revealed during its Q1 2024 earnings call that its collage feature is experiencing substantial growth. Users are three times more likely to save collage Pins compared to other Pins on the platform. This feature allows users to curate groups of items that complement each other, enhancing engagement and user satisfaction.

2. Gen Z Engagement: The collage feature’s popularity is particularly pronounced among Gen Z users, who make up nearly 70% of collage creators. This demographic’s strong engagement underscores the feature’s relevance and appeal to younger users.

3. AI and Computer Vision Integration: Pinterest’s collage feature leverages AI and computer vision technology to identify and “cut out” objects from photos for curated groups. This functionality enhances user experience and engagement, while also providing valuable data to train Pinterest’s AI algorithms.

4. Financial Performance: Pinterest exceeded expectations in Q1 2024, reporting its fastest revenue growth since 2021. The company generated $740 million in revenue, marking a 23% increase year-over-year. Additionally, the adjusted earnings per share (EPS) of 20 cents surpassed analysts’ projections.

5. Focus on Gen Z: Pinterest aims to cater better to its growing Gen Z user base, which is currently the fastest-growing demographic on the platform. This strategic focus reflects a notable trend of the platform “aging down,” contrary to the typical trajectory of consumer internet applications.


Overall, Pinterest’s earnings call highlights the success of its collage feature, driven by AI technology and Gen Z engagement, as well as its strong financial performance and strategic direction towards serving younger users.

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