Webflow acquires Intellimize to supercharge AI-powered webpage personalization

Webflow acquires Intellimize to supercharge AI-powered webpage



Webflow, a platform for web design and hosting that has secured over $330 million in funding with a valuation of $4 billion, is venturing into a new domain: marketing optimization. Today, Webflow announced its acquisition of Intellimize, a startup specializing in AI-driven website personalization for individual visitors. While the financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed, a source familiar with the matter informed TechCrunch that the purchase price was in the “eight-figure” range. The majority of Intellimize’s team, approximately 50 individuals, will join Webflow, although some employees either accepted outplacement packages or were let go with severance; however, Webflow did not specify the number affected.


Vlad Magdalin, Webflow’s CEO, stated that Intellimize was a logical choice for Webflow’s inaugural acquisition, as its product addresses a common requirement among Webflow customers: customizing and optimizing their websites for improved SEO performance. Magdalin emphasized that Webflow’s diverse customer base, spanning various sectors, aims to create professional websites that not only boast aesthetic appeal but also drive tangible business outcomes. He highlighted the demand from numerous customers and partners for assistance in enhancing website performance beyond the initial development phase.


Webflow acquires Intellimize to supercharge AI-powered webpage personalization

Image Credit – Webflow


According to Magdalin, Intellimize stood out as an impressive product in this realm, highly regarded by marketing and growth leaders. The synergies between their respective products and teams, Magdalin believes, will yield a more potent combination, offering enhanced solutions to customers’ needs.


Guy Yalif, formerly the head of vertical marketing at Twitter, joined forces with Brian Webb and Jin Lim to co-found Intellimize in 2016. Yalif had previously collaborated with Lim, then Yahoo’s VP of engineering, and Webb, an architect on Yahoo’s personalized content recommendation team, during his executive tenure at Yahoo. With their collective expertise in marketing, the trio embarked on creating a platform capable of generating personalized web pages in real-time.


The driving force behind Intellimize’s inception stems from the growing demand for personalized online experiences. Studies, such as those cited by Porch Group Media, reveal that 74% of customers become frustrated when encountering non-customized website content. Moreover, companies that implement personalization strategies not only witness increased revenue but also benefit from more efficient marketing expenditure.


Intellimize harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to dynamically generate web pages, adapting content in response to user behavior and traffic sources. Companies provide a website template, and Intellimize’s AI conducts experiments, adjusting various elements to optimize performance. The platform then delivers the most effective results to visitors, ensuring a tailored and engaging browsing experience.


Webflow acquires Intellimize to supercharge AI-powered webpage personalization

Image Credit – Webflow


While Intellimize is a prominent player in the realm of AI-powered marketing, it’s not the only contender in this space. Amazon’s Personalize, for instance, offers tailored product and search recommendations online. Additionally, startups like Evolv AI and Optimizely, owned by Episerver, utilize algorithms to automate certain forms of A/B web testing. Moreover, platforms driven by generative AI, such as Adobe’s GenStudio, Movable Ink, Mutiny, and Blend, are ushering in new and innovative forms of experience personalization.


Despite the competition, Intellimize has managed to carve out a significant market share in AI-powered marketing, owing to its strong technology, strategic partnerships, and effective advertising efforts. At the time of its acquisition, Intellimize had garnered substantial traction in the market, boasting a roster of tentpole customers including Sumo Logic, Dermalogica, and ZoomInfo. Having raised over $50 million from investors like Cobalt Capital, Addition, Amplify Partners, and Homebrew, Intellimize was well-positioned to lead in the field of website personalization and conversion rate optimization.


Vlad Magdalin, Its CEO, highlighted the appeal of Intellimize’s technology and expertise in machine learning and AI, underscoring the value it would bring to existing platform. The acquisition of Intellimize was seen as a strategic move to enhance Webflow’s capabilities in delivering personalized web experiences and driving business results for its customers.


As Intellimize joins the Webflow family, customers can anticipate minimal disruptive changes, according to Guy Yalif. Intellimize will continue to be offered as a standalone product for non-Webflow customers, but it will increasingly integrate with and complement Webflow services. Yalif, assuming the role of “head of personalization” at Webflow, will oversee the enhancement of personalization product offerings within the platform.


Yalif emphasized that the partnership with Webflow enables Intellimize to scale and accelerate its momentum. He highlighted Webflow’s commitment to developing an integrated solution for website building, design, and optimization, with Intellimize serving as the cornerstone of the personalization and optimization components. Together, Yalif believes they can compete effectively against larger, more expensive, and more complex players in the digital experience space.


Vlad Magdalin echoed Yalif’s sentiments, emphasizing that integrating Intellimize expands Webflow’s audience beyond designers and developers. In the initial phase of the merger, the focus will be on seamlessly integrating both products to offer customers the best of both worlds. Customers can expect a unified product experience combining the strengths of Webflow and Intellimize later this year.



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